Indie Brand from the Philippines—— My Paint Polish Picks Swatch & Review

*Products shown are gifted with no strings attached. All opinions are my own.*

Sharing another new-to-me brand today. I’m sure this will be new to almost everyone here, because the brand is from the Philippines! Paint Polish in an indie, hand-mixed nail polish brand from Manila, the Philippines. I was lucky enough to meet the maker Jerrica when her family came visiting Taiwan last year. She let me pick three colors from her shop as gifts. Although they don’t currently ship outside of the Philippines, I still like to share them with you. If you ever travel to the country and want some special souvenirs by local small business, make sure to check them out.

Up Fight!

First up we have “Up Fight!”, a maroon base with green to pink magnetic pigments. This one is from their Campus collection, inspired by the universities in the Philippines. I didn’t realize it was a magnetic polish at first, so I took a set of pictures unmagnetized. It is equally as stunning! So I decided to include them down below. Opaqued in three coats.

Up Fight!|₱350|11ml


Next up is “Moonchild”, from their Army collection, inspired by the famous K-pop group BTS. This is an icy blue polish with metallic shimmer and holographic microglitters. This is the first color I picked out. I know that metallic shades like this tend to scare off a lot of people. But I think this one looks very pretty, not a granny color at all! The formula does appears thicker due to all the glitters. It’s going to take some getting-used-to. Opaqued in two coats.


Chase Rainbow

The last one is my favorite! “Chase Rainbow” is a milky off-white crelly base sprinkled with multicolored glitters representing the seven colors of the rainbow. It’s from their Ever After collection, inspired by fairytales. Please note that the purple glitters in this one are likely to bleed after time, adding a little lavender hint to the base color. Personally, I don’t mind the bleeding. It won’t affect the performance of the polish, and the tinted color will still be cute. Opaqued in three coats.

Chase Rainbow|₱350|11ml

This is my first time trying a brand from the Philippines, and my first time getting to meet a nail friend I met on instagram face to face. So this experience holds a special place in my heart. Paint Polish is quite a new brand, but their colors are pretty unique, and the price point is also budget-friendly. If you have a chance to visit the country, I recommend trying them out.

That’s it for the swatch and review today. I hope you like it! You’re welcome to subscribe to my blog for more swatches and reviews in the future. Let me know what you want to see in the comment. You can also follow me on Instagram @jemima.nail for some more nail art content. Until next time!

About Paint Polish|Shopee Storefront Ph
Paint Polish is an indie nail polish brand based in Manila, the Philippines. Launched in 2021, the brand is a passion project of the maker Jerrica, who is currently preparing for her master degree in Med school.

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