OPI Fall Wonders 2022 Fall Collection Swatch & Review

*Products shown are gifted with no strings attached. All opinions are my own.*

Yes! You’ve read it right! I’m going to share the OPI Fall Wonders collection from last fall (fall 2022). This collection is inspired by all things nature, specifically the rocks, the earth, and the minerals. Consist of 12 different shades in various color range, I believe everyone can the one that speaks to them.

I have to say, I have actually finished swatching more than half of this collection not so long after I got it. But then a lot of unexpected things happening so I had to put the rest of the swatches on hold. Until recently, I finally have some time to spare, so I though I should finish them. My goal is to put out this collection and the holiday collection “Jewel Be Bold” when the weather is still semi-cold. Let’s see how it goes! Wish me luck!

Since there are 12 colors, I’ve included a content below. If you only want to see a specific one, just click on the name. Although I would recommend you to read the whole blog, given that I’ve put so many efforts in preparing them.

  1. Piece of Mined
  2. Claydreaming
  3. Medi-take it All In
  4. Brown to Earth
  5. Ochre the Moon
  6. Rust & Relaxation
  7. Red-veal Your Truth
  8. Suzi Takes a Sound Bath
  9. Midnight Mantra
  10. I Mica Be Dreaming
  11. Clean Slate
  12. Cave the Way

Piece of Mined

First up we have a beautiful pale mauve cream, opaque in 2 coats. The muted tone makes it perfect for fall and winter, and can make a great everyday color. While swatching, I though of a similar color “Right as Rain” from OPI’s Nature Strong line, so I’ve included a comparison collage for your reference. On the left is Piece of Mined, which appears a tad darker than Right as Rain on the right.

Piece of Mined|US$13.00|15ml


The second one in the collection is another purple. This one is more of a greyed out red-ish purple, kind of like a dried rose petal. Opaque in two coats. If I had to choose, this might be my favorite from the collection. Although it doesn’t seem all that special as a color, but I find it very flattering and can be worn to any occasion be it casual or formal.


Medi-take it All In

Next is a super bright violet cream that reminds me so much of Mardi Gras. Opaque in two coats. Its vibrancy makes it not so much a typical fall/winter color, but wouldn’t it still be nice to have bright tips in a gloomy weather?

Medi-take it All In|US$13.00|15ml

Brown to Earth

Next up is a very dark brown cream with a purple tint. Opaque in two coats. It looks almost black sometimes, but at a closer look, you can still tell that it is not a straight up black. I’ll admit that in the bottle, it doesn’t look very appealing, but once on the nail, I kind of like it! It’s giving out a calming vibe.

Brown to Earth|US$13.99|15ml

Ochre the Moon

The next one is a mustard yellow cream, which goes without saying a great fall color. I know many people don’t wear yellow polishes, but personally, I find that yellow polishes give a lively, and active vibe. If you want to try yellows but don’t want to be too over the top, I highly recommend starting with a mustard yellow.

Ochre the Moon|US$13.00|15ml

Rust & Relaxation

This could be the brightest, most vibrant color in the collection! It’s a bright red with a hint of orange. I find it very summer-y! I remember when I ask which colors you wanted to see from this collection, this one and the next red is the only two that no one asked to see. However, I really think everyone should give the reds another try; they can be very empowering if you get used to wearing them. A side not, the name “Rust & Relaxation” came from the saying “rest and relaxation”. I learned this phrase in the series “Better Call Saul”, if you know you know lol. If you remember too where the phrase was from, leave it in the comment.

Rust & Relaxation|US$13.99|15ml

Red-veal Your Truth

The other red in this collection is less vibrant. It is a crimson cream, a red with a hint of pink, much more of a fall red than the previous one. I like that it looks super fierce, in a good way. Opaque in two coats.

Red-veal Your Truth|US$13.99|15ml

Suzi Takes a Sound Bath

This is a denim blue with sky blue and purple shimmer. Opaque in two coats. Although there are shimmers in it, it doesn’t have a prominent brush stroke. So if that’s your concern, you can rest assure. I enjoy this one more than I though I would, maybe because I find this color quite special. Usually brands like to do either light or super dark blues, so it’s nice having a medium tone one. Also, if you didn’t know, Suzi, as seen in many other OPI shade names, is the founder of the brand, and also the mastermind of most of the OPI shades.

Suzi Takes a Sound Bath|US$13.99|15ml

Midnight Mantra

Another blue in the collection is a very dark midnight blue cream. Although being super dark, you can still clearly see that it is not a black. Opaque in two coats.

Midnight Mantra|US$13.99|15ml

I Mica Be Dreaming

We are coming to the end, so let’s see something sparkly. This is a vintage gold metallic with different shades of metallic gold flakies, as well as some copper flakies. This one is very different from the bright, yellow-y gold we usually see. I find it much more mature and refined. Opaque in two coats.

I Mica Be Dreaming|US$13.00|15ml

Clean Slate

The second to last is a gunpowder gray with silver shimmer. The shimmer appears slightly more obvious than the blue we saw before. Therefore I would recommend wrapping your tips before applying the last coat of polish, so the brush stroke ended up nice and sleek. Opaque in two coats.

Clean Slate|US$12.25|15ml

Cave the Way

The last one is a shimmery coal black with light blue shimmer. Looks a lot like a mineral to me. If you like black polishes, but also want something less ordinary, this one is for you. Opaque in two coats.

Cave the Way|US$13.00|15ml

Although I’m not sure how many people are waiting for my swatches, but if that’s you, I’m sorry! I will definitely try to finish swatching sooner. I hope you still enjoy this swatch and review. Let me know in the comment which one(s) you have already got, or plan on getting. Feel free to subscribe to my blog for more swatch and reviews. You can also let me know what brand(s) you’d like to see from me. Follow me on Instagram @jemima.nails to for more swatches and nail art contents. See you in the next one!

About OPI|Official Website
OPI is a mainstream nail polish brand established in LA, USA. They are a leading nail brand in the world with multiple different product lines, including regular nail lacquer, long-lasting lacquer (Infinite Shine), plant-based lacquer (Nature Strong), gel nail polish, and dip powder (Powder Perfection).

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