Atomic Polish 3rd Anniversary Collection Swatch & Review

*Products shown are won in a giveaway. All opinions are my own.*

Surprise! I know I’ve said in the last post that I will be sharing Wildflower Lacquer’s March offering next. But there’s still some time before the launch, so I want to share something old first. Today’s post is about a new to me brand, Atomic Polish. I actually won this collection last year in a giveaway hosted by a fellow swatcher Kate @lovelylacquerist . Took these swatch pictures last May, but I never ended up finishing the blog post. So here we are, after almost a year, I finally made up my mind to finish it, so those who might be interested can go and get them while they are still available. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the swatches!

Uranium (U)

First up is Uranium (U), described as a light blue base with color-shifting chameleon pigment, it shifts between gold, green and pink. Almost opaque in 3 coats, although I can still vaguely see some VNL. The formula is very easy to apply. It is so shifty that you can see every color shining through by simply wiggling your nails in front of the lights. It has so many faces, and I’m pretty sure those who love a good shimmer polish will fall in love with it.

Uranium|US$12.00|15 ml

Antimony (Sb)

Next up we have another shifty beauty, with the same jelly-like base, Antimony (Sb) is described as a light purple base with color-shifting chameleon pigment that shifts between gold, green and red. I did three coats; same as the last one, VNL is slightly visible.

Antimony|US$12.00|15 ml

Flerovium (Fl)

Saving my favorite for the last, this is Flerovium (Fl), a neon pink base with color-shifting chameleon pigment that shifts between gold and red. I feel like this one is slightly less shifty than the previous two, with the shimmer appearing gold for the most part, but that doesn’t change my love for it. The gold-and-pink combo looks so much like beautiful sunsets. This one is slightly more opaque, but I still did three coats.

Flerovium|US$12.00|15 ml

This collection is still available on Atomic Polish’s website. Single polishes are priced at $12.00, while the full collection is priced at $33.00. Go check it out through the link above or below! As I mentioned, this is my first experience with the brand, I’m not extremely familiar with them. However, swatching these is an absolute delight, and I will definitely be following along their future releases. Are you also a shifting shimmer lover? What do you think of this collection? If you have used the brand before, welcome to share your experience and/or recommendations below. Feel free to subscribe to my blog for more swatches and reviews in the future. You can also follow me on Instagram @jemima.nail for more nail art contents. Until next time!

About Atomic Polish|Official Website
Atomic Polish is an indie nail polish brand based in Minnesota, US, officially launched in 2019. The maker, Stacey, has a background in Biochemistry, and is a self-called science nerd. A lot of her polishes are named after atoms and molecules. She even goes as far as to match the color names as closely as possible with CPK coloring used in Chemistry model. Besides nail polishes, Atomic also makes some hand and nail care products, and is planning to do more bath & body products in the future.

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