Spellbound Nails Greek Gods & Goddesses Collection Swatch & Review

I have so many blog posts piling up, so let’s try to get them out one by one. Today’s swatch is about a new-to-me brand called Spellbound Nails. I got a swatching opportunity last year for their latest collection “Greek Gods and Goddesses” and thought I should make a blog post for them. The Greek Gods and Goddesses collection is a huge, 25-piece collection inspired by, obviously, the gods of goddesses of greek mythology. I have five out of 25 to share with you. Here’s an overview of them.

Spellbound Nails Greek Gods & Goddesses 系列試色

最近部落格文堆積得有點多,趕快來把他們發出去。這篇要分享的是一個我第一次用的品牌——Spellbound Nails。去年底剛好接到試色的工作,就決定發個文記錄一下,也分享給大家認識。這次的系列是 1/1 熱騰騰剛上市的 Greek Gods and Goddesses Collection,總共有 25 支以希臘神祇為靈感的指甲油,裡面充滿有趣的顏色和質地。我負責其中的五支,先給大家聞香一下。