DRK Nails June 2021 Collabs

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*Products shown are gifted by the brand in exchange of swatches.*

This is a very special post to me, because my first time swatching for monthly collabs! Thank you Katia from DRK Nails for giving me the opportunity. In this post, I will share my swatches of four of their contributions for June’s monthly collaborations, including Polish Pick Up (PPU), The Charity Box, and Hella Handmade Creation (HHC).

DRK Nails is a indie nail polish brand from Brazil, that are registered in the US. This is my first time trying out the brand. My first impression of them is all the crazy multichrome/iridescent flakies and mysteriously gorgeous magnetic polishes. Therefore, I’m very excited to get to know them. Let’s see the swatches!

Ethereal Rainbow|June 2021 Polish Pick Up exclusive

  • Price: USD $12.50/Cap: 450
  • Available June 4th 11:00 am EST – 6/7 11:59 pm on polishpickup.com

The theme of this month’s PPU is “Rainbows”, and DRK brings us “Ethereal Rainbow”. It is a very stunning flakie bomb, with four different kinds of iridescent flakies in a clear base. It can be worn alone in three coats, or as a topper over any color, as shown in the pictures below. The maker Katia described the flakies as “small mirrows”, and I think it is spot on! They are very reflective, almost glowing under indirect light source. I was originally worried that it may be lumpy, but it appies so smoothly and the flakies are all distributed perfectly without having to “place” them.

Glorious|June 2021 The Charity Box exclusive

  • Price: USD $13/Cap: 150
  • Available June 10th 12:00 pm CT – 6/19 11:59 pm on shopcharitybox.com

The theme for this month’s Charity Box is “Out of This World”, where the makers draw inspirations from anything outer-space. Part of the proceeds will benefit “The Pollination Project“. DRK brings us “Glorious”, a navy jelly base polish loaded with UCC flakies and scatter holo micro-flakies. The UCC flakies shifts from green to gold to redish orange. I love how it contrast with the base color! Such a stunner! Opaque in three coats for me.

Good Bye|June 2021 Hella Handmade Creations exclusive

  • Duo Price: USD $24/Cap: 200 ; Single Price: USD $13.50/Cap: 150
  • Available 6/14 12:01 am EST ~ 6/21 11:59 pm Hawaii Time on hellahandmadecreations.com

As for this month’s Hella Handmade Creations, DRK brings us a duo from their “The Umbrella’s Academy” series, inspired by the two inseperable character, Klaus and Ben. The Umbrella’s Academy is one of my favorite show, and Klaus and Ben are my favorite characters. So imagine my excitement when I open the package to find these two beauties inspired by them!

First we have “Good Bye”, a chameleon multi-chrome that shifts from gold, magenta, blue, to teal, with a splash of multi-chrome flakies. With multi-chrome polishes like this on, you will definitely want to wiggle your fingers in front of the light all the time just to see the shift. Opaque in three coats for me, but I believe two will be sufficient for those with shorter nails.

Good Ben|June 2021 Hella Handmade Creations exclusive

  • Duo Price: USD $24/Cap: 200 ; Single Price: USD $12/Cap: 150
  • Available 6/14 12:01 am EST ~ 6/21 11:59 pm Hawaii Time on hellahandmadecreations.com

The other half of the duo is “Good Ben”, a silvery white magnetic topper with iridescent flakies that shifts from blurple to blue to teal. It has a grey tinted base when worn alone. My swatches show you three coats alone, and one coat over “Good Bye”. As it has this silvery white magnetic shimmer, you can use it to achieve the popular “velvet” look when appling the magnet differently. The “Good Bye Ben” duo can be purchase together at a discounted price, or individually.

That’s it for today’s swatches! Sorry for spaming you with all the pictures. These colors are just too beautiful, I can’t resist taking 1,000 pictures for them. A side note, the bottles you see in the pictures are swatcher bottles. The final product will still be the same square one as usual. If you’re interested in getting any of these, you can click the respective websites above to purchase. Thanks for reading! Until next time!

About DRK Nails|Official Website
DRK Nails is a Brazilian indie nail polish brand registered in the US. They are well established in the indie nail world, known for making beautiful and unique flakies polishes and so much more. Their artisan nail labs, which allow you to create your own nail polishes, are widely welcome by indie polish lovers too.

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