Summer 2021。UNT Fantasy Peelable

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*Products shown are gifted by the brand with no strings attached.*

Sorry for the long overdue swatches… Better late than never! I’m sharing with you the latest summer collection of UNT Fatasy Peelable line. Unlike the desert-y vibes from their nail lacquer line, this collection contains six cream water-based nail polishes that resembles fruity sweets in my opinion, perfect spring/summer shades! Let’s get to the swatches!

MG312 “Almost There” is a very very light pinkish nude cream, a good palete cleanser. It would serve as a great base for nail art. However, the opacity is quite underwhelming… same as most of the lighter shade from UNT Fantasy Peelable line in my experience. You will have to be careful not to press the crush too hard when applying, or else it would be patchy. Opaque in three coats.

MG313 “Vivid Dreams” is a creamy pale taupe leaning more purple than brown. The formula of this one is very impressive. It is almost opaque in the first coat, and is very easy to work with. This is one of my favorite in the collection. Opaque in two coats.

MG315 “Never Ending Waves” is a soft baby blue cream that looks like fluffy clouds. Baby blues are typically not my color, since most of them bring out the yellow undertone of my skin too much. But this one surprisingly doesn’t! That’s why it is another one of my favorite. However, it does have the same opacity problem as the first one above. It could be a bit patchy, which is quite disappointing as the color is very lovely. Opaque in three coats.

MG316 “Swan Lake” is a princess-y pink cream that’s very bright, perfectly spring/summer color! Again, this is not typically my color, but it is surprisingly flattering. UNT sure knows its pinks! A side note, I might have gotten a not-fully-mixed bottle, as I found some yellowish base floating on my nails after applying. I would suggest giving it a good shake or stir well with a stick before using to avoid this happening to you.

MG317 “Sweet Façade” is an elegant berry cream, quite vibrant in my opinion. It is a beautiful shade that will be good for any season. Opaque in two coats.

Last but not least, MG318 “Trendsetter” is an oxblood cream. Some will argue that this is more of a traditional fall/winter shade, but I think it is a fine addition to the collection. (featuring General Grievous voice lol) Opaque in two coats.

That’s the end of my swatches. This collection is already available on UNT’s Amazon storefront. You can use my discount code “10JEMIMA” for 10% off your order. The code is non-affiliated, just something for you to save some cash. As per usual, here is a simple skittle mani I made with some of the shades from this collection. Hope you like it! You’re welcome to subscribe to my blog, so you won’t miss out on my future posts. Thanks for reading!

About UNT|Amazon Storefront
*Use my code “10JEMIMA” for 10% off your order, non-affiliated.*

UNT is a Taiwanese mainstream beauty brand established in 2004. Worldwide shipping is available via Amazon. They started out with skincare products, and branched out into nail polish in 2009, creating the world-famous “Ready for Take Off” peel-off base coat. Currently, they have two product line including regular nail lacquer and peelable water-base nail polish.
☑️ Vegan ☑️ Cruelty Free ☑️ 10-Free ☑️ Square flat brush

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