Summer 2021。UNT Nail Lacquer

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*Products shown are gifted by the brand with no strings attached.*

It’s been a while since my last English blog post. I didn’t want to translate the reviews for local only brands so you won’t waste your time reading. However, the time has finally come for me to share the lasted UNT launch with you! The summer 2021 release consists of 8 beautiful dusty creams, giving out a nice desert vibe. It’s very different from the usually bright, vibrant, neon-y summer collections on the market. I think it kind of reflects on the low-profile characteristic of Taiwanese. Anyway, let’s get to the swatches!

LJ159 “Secret Voyage” is a very pale lilac cream. You can almost call it a blush-y white, even though it is clearly not white on the nail. It doesn’t make me look tan, nor highlight my yellow undertone, which is great in my opinion. Like every other light shades from UNT, the formula of this one is very impressive. It self-levels great with pretty good opacity. Opaque in two coats.

LJ160 “Spotlight” is a light beige cream, shade of milk tea. It is fairly flattering for yellow skintone, which is pretty hard to achieve for a shade like this. I’m guessing it would be a popular shade since it is quite work appropriate. Opaque in two coats.

LJ161 “Never Ever” is a pale, dusty lilac cream, reminding me of taro. I think this will be a nice alternative nude shade for light to medium skintone if you ever got tired of simple beiges. I can also see it as a wedding appropriate shade. Opaque in two coats.

LJ162 “Glass of Rosé” is a warm tone rose pink cream, again very flattering for Asian skintone. UNT really knows their pink game! This one is also a perfect day-to-day shade in my opinion.

LJ163 “Roundabout Love” is the second pink shade from the collection, a darker, warmer, more vibrant, almost salmon-y pink cream. I personally like this one more than “Glass of Rosé”, simply because it seems more unique. Opaque in two coats.

LJ165 “Love You 3000” is a dusty terracotta cream, one of my favorite out of the collection. Not that you ask, but I have a thing for oranges lately. It has that same creamy formula and is opaque in two coats.

LJ166 “Midnight Dusk” is a beautiful taupe cream. I don’t usually care for these kind of pale, dusty browns, but this one is a surprise favorite of mine. Its neutral undertone makes it universally flattering. Opaque in two coats.

LJ167 “Matcha Confession” is a muted matcha green that looks a lot like matcha milk chocolate. (Why do I always associate colors with food? I don’t know.) Opaque in two coats.

Lastly, since there are a lot of different shades of beige, brown, pink, and purple in this collection, I pulled out some other similar shades I own and made some comparisons. Some of these are from local brands, so just ignore those with names you don’t recognize.

White & Nudes
Browns, Taupes, and Dusty Lilacs
Pinks & Salmons
Greys & Greens

That’s the end of the swatch and review. I hope you enjoy it or find it helpful. This collection has a lot of great, everyday colors that I really like. Generally speaking, it is a nicely curated collection. They will be available on UNT’s Amazon Storefront starting June 26th. You can use my non-affiliated code “10JEMIMA” for 10% off your order. Down below is a minimalism nail art I made with some of the shades from this collection. You’re welcome to follow me on my insta for more nail art looks. Thank you for reading!

About UNT|Amazon Storefront
*Use my code “10JEMIMA” for 10% off your order, non-affiliated.*

UNT is a Taiwanese mainstream beauty brand established in 2004. Worldwide shipping is available via Amazon. They started out with skincare products, and branched out into nail polish in 2009, creating the world-famous “Ready for Take Off” peel-off base coat. Currently, they have two product line including regular nail lacquer and peelable water-base nail polish.
☑️ Vegan ☑️ Cruelty Free ☑️ 10-Free ☑️ Round flare brush

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