Sunny Side of Miami。ANNY 2022 Summer Collection

*Products marked with * are gifted by the brand for a paid review in Traditional Chinese. *

The heat recently just makes me want to go to the beach and soak myself in water. Do you have an ongoing or planing vacation? ANNY has your nails taken care of! Their latest summer collection “Sunny Side of Miami” is full of beach-y vibes. It contains of 4 cremes and 2 delicate shimmer shades. The brand gifted 3 of them to me, but the rest are just too pretty to pass, so I went ahead and bought them so you can see a full collection swatch.

If you haven’t heard of ANNY, they are a mainstream nail polish brand from Germany, providing high-quality nail polishes and nail care items. Their products are welcomed around the world. It has become one of my favorite mainstream brand ever since I tried them out. My favorite feature is their top-of-the-line paddle brush. The brush makes it so easy to achieve a perfect cuticle line. Now let’s get to the swatches!

Time for Love*

First of all we have this ruby red with delicate gold shimmer. For me, it is not necessarily a traditional summer color, but it sure makes a statement! It is a one-coater; I did two coats out of habit but one is more than enough to cover the VNL.

Time for Love|15 ml

Red Meets Orange

Next we have this STUNNING orange-y red creme, who is almost neon-y. It’s just too bright for my camera to handle. This must be what a heatwave will look like if we put it in a nail polish bottle. It has that jelly finish on the first coat, but two coats are enough to reach full opacity.

Red Meets Orange|15 ml

Sunshine Vibes

Next up we have a pale melon orange, which reminds me of the sunset. It’s not as “loud” as the previous color, making it perfect for daily wear. Opaqued in 2 coats.

Sunshine Vibes|15 ml

Funny Honey

Next up is another one with delicate gold shimmer, this time it is a warm apricot beige. It’s such a perfect everyday color, very elegant to wear. It is opaque in 3 coats. I pulled out another shimmer shade “Golden Ivory” from ANNY to do a comparison. You can swipe to see the difference. They are quite different in terms of the base color. “Funny Honey” is significantly warmer, while “Golden Ivory” has a light purple tint. Both are very beautiful though.

Funny Honey|15 ml

Life is a Beach

This color is the one that caught my eye at the first sight of the collection. It is a beautiful cerulean blue that has a tint of green. So refreshing! I think it would make a great pedi color. Opaque in 2 coats.

Life is a Beach|15 ml

Blue Hour*

Last but not least, we have a baby blue creme that’s a wonderful palette cleanser. For me, it would be perfect for spring and summer. It is more opaque than I expected. Although being a light color, it is opaque in two coats.

Blue Hour|15 ml

Overall, I just love this color so much! The colors are so perfectly curated, with the sun, the sea, and the sand in one collection. You can easily pick out a few and make a great skittle mani. Here is a simple wavy mani I made with 5 out of the 6 shades. If you are interested in a tutorial, feel free to follow me on Instagram.這個系列我真的太喜歡了!顏色搭配得非常好,陽光、沙灘、海水都有了,隨意挑選裡面的幾個顏色都可以輕鬆做出好看的跳色美甲,完全無雷。下面分享一個我用裡面五色做的非常簡單的波浪彩繪,想知道怎麼做的可以追蹤我的 Instagram 帳號,明天會有影片教學喔!

That’s it for the swatches! Do you have a favorite from this collection? Let me know in the comments! If you want to see more nail related articles, you can subscribe to my blog. See you in the next one!

About ANNY|Official Website
Mainstream nail polish brand from Germany, featuring nail colors inspired by the fashion of Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. Fast drying, opacity, and shine are three of their advantages. Besides nail colors, their nail care products are also famous around the world.
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