Nail Art Made Easy! Mani Me Nail Wrap Review

*Products shown were gifted by the brand with no strings attached. All thoughts are my own.*

Hi peeps! I’m sharing a new to me product today, the nail wraps from Mani Me. For the years of my nail painting life, I’ve always been doing my own nail arts. However, I know that some of you may not always have the time to do nail arts on your own. That is when nail wraps come in handy! They are basically stickers, with ready-made nail art designs printed on them, so you can easily stick them on to the nails for a quick touch-up. In this article, I will walk your through how to apply them, show you what they will look like on the nails, and share about what I think about them.

Mani Me Nail Wraps

For those who don’t know about Mani Me, they are a US based company specialized in making nail wraps. Their nail wraps are made with gel from Korea, and are semi-cured for easy adhesion. They have a special 3D modeling technique that can customized nail wraps for everyone according to their nail shapes and length. They are dedicated in making “the future of manicures”, so that everyone can have beautiful nail arts anytime, anywhere, zero skills needed. Apart from manicures, they also provide nail wraps for pedicures.

Brand vision: Welcome to the future of manicures.

Before getting into the designs, I want to mention some features of the nail wraps by Mani Me, one of which is “customization“. After placing your first order, you will receive a link in your email. All you have to do is following the instructions in the provided link to take some pictures of your nails. They will then use 3D modeling technology to customize your very own nail wraps by taking your nail shapes, curves, and lengths into account. Therefore, the nail wraps each of us receives will not be exactly the same. In addition, they will account for natural nail growth by adding 3mm to your wraps, so you don’t have to worry about lacking some lengths when nails grow out.

You can get your customized nail wraps by submitting pictures of your nails.

If you are thinking about gifting the product to a friend but don’t want to spoil the surprise, they also provide standard size wraps. The standard size wraps are calculated by all the data of the nails they’ve collected during the years. Each set will include 18 stripes that are fitted to most nails shape-wise and length-wise. They also make the two ends of the strips into different shapes, square and round, so that you can fit them to the shape of your cuticles by applying in different directions. This will make the result so much more natural-looking!

A standard size set includes 18 sheets of nail wraps.
You can choose which side fits the shape of your cuticles the best when apply them on.

Another feature of the Mani Me wraps is that they are made of semi-cured gel. There’s no need to cure them with LED/UV lamp; simply put on a regular top coat after applying is more than enough to enhance the shine and prolong the wear-time. According to their official descriptions, the wraps can last up to 10 days under normal circumstances. For removal, you can just peel them off after soaking in warm water for a bit. The application and removal are both very easy and straight forward. Now, let’s take a look at the designs, shall we?

Today I have two sets of nail wraps to share. I’m very excited because they are the collaboration between Mani Me and two my friends, Wendy @mydumbnails and Emily @bycheznails. These two sets each includes two designs created by them. Firstly I have the designs from Wendy. I’ve always loved Wendy’s nail arts; they are simple but quite ethereal. It’s safe to say she is one of my favorite nail artists on Instagram, so I highly recommend you to check her out and give her a follow if you haven’t already.

Wendy’s Collab with Mani Me
Her Instagram handle @mydumbnails can be found on the package.

Sweet Lullaby

The first of Wendy’s design is called Sweet Lullaby. It is a light beige jelly base with prints of stars and clouds, and some scattered gold shimmers. This set was inspired by Wendy’s daughter! Isn’t it the sweetest? I’ve added some gold stars and studs to make them pop a little more.

Sweet Lullaby|USD$25

Celestial Dream

Wendy’s second design is called Celestial Dream. It features dusty blue to purple gradient base, with rose gold prints of moon and stars, as well as rose gold accent. I put matte top coat on top of the gradient nails, and glossy top coat on top of the accent nails to create a contrast in texture.

Celestial Dream|USD$25

Next up we have two super springy designs from Emily. Emily’s design has always been very beginner friendly. She makes a lot of nail art tutorials you can easily follow to create elegant designs. Make sure to check out her Instagram if you enjoy nail art contents!

Emily’s collab with Mani Me

Flower Crown

The first of Emily’s design is Flower Crown, a pink reverse french mani with tiny flower crown around the cuticles. It screams spring and can be perfect for both daily wear and for special occasions such as addending a wedding, or spending a day at the beach.

Flower Crown|USD$25
You can also find Emily’s Instagram handle @bycheznails on the sheet.

Dainty Daisy

The other design by Emily is called Dainty Daisy. It is a pastel green base with cute daisies blooming all over. Since the two designs are both floral themed, I decided to use them together, and I absolutely love the result! As you can see, even though the nail wraps come with pre-printed patterns, there are still a lot of ways to play around with them.

Dainty Daisy|USD$25

Now that we’ve seen both design, let’s take a look at how to use the wraps! First of all, along with your first order of a custom nail wrap, Mani Me will include a practice set. You can use the set to get familiar with application, without risking ruining the ones you bought. My practice set features some sparkly blue glitters, quite pretty in my opinion. Too bad that I forgot to take a picture.

A free practice set included in your first custom nail wrap order.

Upon opening the set, you will see some tools included in each and every set: the nail wraps, a mini nail file, and an alcohol pad. Each set of custom nail wraps comes with 15 sheets of wraps; the top two rolls are the customs for your left and right hands, the bottom roll are 5 extra sheets incase you’ve made mistakes while applying or if you simply want to swap out some designs. The nail file is for you to file off the extra length. Lastly, the alcohol wipe is used to clean up the nails prior to application.

Everything you need for the application is included!

I made a reel showing you the application process. You can watch them down below. This is my first time using nail wraps, and I was filming along, so you can see how easy it is!

To sum up, I think the biggest pro for nail wraps is the convenience! Although it most definitely will not last as long as a salon manicure. However, if you consider the time and price spent, using a nail wrap can be quite an economical choice. For those who are not so confident in doing nail arts on their own, it is a nice alternative if you need a quick touch. Another thing worth mentioning is that it was much more fitted than I had imagined. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking that it might look unnatural, or wrinkle easily when applying. It turns out that because the wraps are made with gels, it is flexible enough to fit the curves of the nails quite well. Plus, they are custom made, adjusting to the shape of the cuticles, making it looks nature and not plasticky like some press-ons. Overall, I’m happy with the quality, and would recommend you checking them out if you are into nail wraps.

That’s it for the review today! Hope you all enjoy it! If you have anymore questions, feel free to leave a message or DM me on Instagram. You are also welcome to subscribe to my blog to get notified when I have new articles. See you in the next post!

About Mani Me|Official Website
Mani Me is a US brand for making nail wraps. Their mission is to make nail are easier for all, available anytime, anywhere. Apart from their in-house designers, Mani Me frequently collaborates with nail artists and nail bloggers, turning their designs in to nail wraps so everyone can enjoy beautiful nail arts.
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