Spellbound Nails Greek Gods & Goddesses Collection Swatch & Review

*Products shown are gifted in exchange for unpaid swatches, all opinions are my own.*

I have so many blog posts piling up, so let’s try to get them out one by one. Today’s swatch is about a new-to-me brand called Spellbound Nails. I got a swatching opportunity last year for their latest collection “Greek Gods and Goddesses” and thought I should make a blog post for them. The Greek Gods and Goddesses collection is a huge, 25-piece collection inspired by, obviously, the gods of goddesses of greek mythology. I have five out of 25 to share with you. Here’s an overview of them.

Spellbound Nails is a small indie nail polish brand run solely by the maker Ashley. The most interesting feature of this Greek Gods and Goddesses collection, is that you will have an option to get your polishes scented upon purchasing. Each color is inspired by a god or goddess, and can be scented with a dedicated aroma. So besides having a fun look on your nails, you can also get an enjoyment in the nose.


Demeter is the goddess of harvest, agriculture and fertility. This nail polish is a glitter topper of metallic bronze, green and caramel gold glitters. It can be scented lavender mint. I swatched it over a terracotta brown with one coat. Since it is a glitter polish, you may want to put two coats of quick dry top coat on top for a smoother finish, or use a top coat designed for glitter polishes. I forgot to do this while swatching…



Dionysus is the god of wine, fertility and theatre. This polish is, of course, wine red and is packed with red holographic glitters. It can also be scented wine! This is a crowd favorite when I post swatches on Instagram. I love how the glitters sparkle from within the jelly base. And although I’m not a huge fan of red wines, the scent is surprisingly enchanting. You’ll almost feel a little tipsy when your nose catches the scent. A glitter heavy polish like this tends to have a thicker consistency, and this one is no exception. It takes a little getting used to, but the result is beautiful. Opaque in 3 coats.



Eris is the goddess of discord and chaos. This nail polish is a glitter topper of matte black glitter and red holographic glitters. Tis polish can be scented apple pecan sage. This one might be my personal favorite among the five. I swatched it one coat over white, and it reminds me of poker cards. Some how this unique blend of glitters really has my heart!



Eros is the god of love and desire. This nail polish is a raspberry red shimmer. It can be scented midnight tuberose. I’ve noticed that there are finer shimmers as well as larger flakies in it, giving it an interesting look. Opaque in 3 coats.



The last one I have for you is Gaea, the goddess of the earth and fertility. This nail polish is a tri-thermal, meaning it turns three different shades of green when going from hot to cold, with two sizes of bronze glitter. It can be scented amaretto. In cold state, it appears like a forest green; in hot state, it will turn into a grass green. Funny side note, I didn’t read the descriptions from the maker at first, so when I swatched it the first time, I didn’t know it was a thermal. While editing the pictures, I kept thinking there must be something wrong with my camera because the color on the nails look so different than in the bottle. It’s only when I’m trying to match the pics with the descriptions, that I realized the truth. So then I had to re-swatch it. Lesson learnt! Descriptions are there for a reason! This one is opaque in 3 coats.


Like I mentioned above, there are 25 pieces in the Greek Gods and Goddesses collection. If you are interested in seeing all of them, they are already available as of 1/1. Check them out on their Etsy shop! This is my first time sharing something from Spellbound Nails. Let me know what you think of this collection or the brand! I know glitter polishes may not be for everyone, but giving them a try from time to time might give you a good surprise!

That’s it for the swatches! If you’d like to read more articles from me, feel free to subscribe to my blog for notifications. You can also follow me on Instagram @jemima.nails for more nail art contents. Thanks for reading! I’ll see you next time!

About Spellbound Nails|Etsy Shop
Spellbound Nails is a indie nail polish brand base in Pennsylvania, US. All of their nail polishes is created and hand-mixed in small batch by the maker Ashley.

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