OPI Nature Strong 2022 Fall/Winter Picks

*Products shown are gifted with no strings attached. All opinions are my own.*

It is already feeling like fall where I live, with the cooling breeze and rain on-and-off. Fall is not only my favorite season because of the cozy weather, but also because of all the beautiful nail polish colors. The first swatch of fall/winter collection of the year, I bring you some excellent choices from OPI. This September, OPI in Taiwan introduce 6 new shades from the Nature Strong line, inspired by metropolitan chic, including some elegant muted shades as well as some vibrant accent colors, which I’m sure there will be one for everyone!

OPI Nature Strong is the latest product line from OPI. The products are all vegan, cruelty free, and 9 free. They are made with 75% non-GMO, natural ingredients, including sugar cane, wheat, corn, and potato, etc. That is why the fume from this collection is significantly less irritating. Since they are plant-based nail polishes, it can be used without a base coat underneath. Furthermore, 20% of the material used to produce the cap and bottle of this line of product, are recycled materials. OPI truly strive to reduce the impact on the environment with the Nature Strong line, both inside and out. If you want to see some swatches of the spring and summer picks, check out my previous blog post “OPI Nature Strong 2022 Summer Picks“. But first, let’s take a look at these beautiful fall and winter shades!

It’s Ashually OPI

First up we have a light grey creme with a greenish undertone. I would say it looks flattering on my Asian skin tone, and I believe it would suit those with olive undertone very well too. If you’re looking for a work/school appropriate winter color, I always recommend light grey and muted purple. This one is a solid choice in my opinion. Opaqued in 2 coats.

It’s Ashually OPI|US$11.50|15ml


The second one is for the rich color lovers out there, a mid-tone grape purple creme. A lot of people I know are hesitant toward wearing darker shades, but I think these kind of colors are so perfect for winter time! Opaqued in 2 coats.


Right as Rain

Top winter color recommendation #2! This is a muted, pale lavender creme, a very romantic color. It is a perfect day-to-day shade, suitable for any occasion whether it is office or wedding. Opaqued in 2 coats, which is a pleasant surprise.

Right as Rain|US$11.50|15ml

Intentions are Rose Gold

Here comes my favorite of all 6, a luxurious rose gold metallic polish! It is a warm tone rose gold that is very elegant and chic. I could totally see this used in NYE manis. The brush strokes are not very obvious when dry, which is a plus for me. Opaque in 2 coats.

Intentions are Rose Gold|US$11.50|15ml

Give a Garnet

Another color that I really enjoy among the 6! This is a garnet red creme, as the name suggested. It is a solid, fully opaqued creme that does not have the jelly-like formula often seen in red polishes. It is not a smashingly bright red, but a slightly muted one. Among all the greyish fall/winter colors, this serves as a great accent, adding a touch of energy to the season. Opaque in 2 coats.

Give a Garnet|US$11.50|15ml

Force of Nailture

Finally, we have a dark pigeon grey creme with a blue/purple undertone. I imagine it would look great on those with pink skin undertone, or cool-tone skin. The colors is just so rich and cozy! Opaqued in 2 coats.

Force of Nailture|US$11.50|15ml

After trying out the Nature Strong polishes for the second time, it is safe to say I’m more and more obsessed. I’m truly looking forward for more colors from this line, so that we can have more products that are more environmental friendly to choose from. As per usual, here’s a nail are design I made using some colors shared today. Hope you enjoy it and all the swatches. If you are interested in seeing more nail arts from me, welcome to follow me on Instagram @jemima.nails. You can also subscribe to my blog to get notified when I have new posts to share. Until next time!

About OPI|Official Website
OPI is a mainstream nail polish brand established in LA, USA. They are a leading nail brand in the world with multiple different product lines, including regular nail lacquer, long-lasting lacquer (Infinite Shine), plant-based lacquer (Nature Strong), gel nail polish, and dip powder (Powder Perfection).

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