Thermals & Solars。Voyage by Polish Pak

*Products shown are gifted by the brand for the purpose of paid swatches with no obligation to post.*

Guess how many nail polishes I’m showing you today? Hint: It’s not 10. In this post, I have 6 unique polishes from a new to me brand Voyage to share with you. Despite only having 6 polishes, the amount of colors in this post is going to blow your mind! Let’s see the magic, shall we?

Voyage is a US indie nail polish brand created by Polish Pak, a maker of nail polish travel bags, and tones unique thermal, solar, and textured nail polishes. Every nail polish in their shop are full of surprises! The six polishes I will be swatching today includes 2 thermals, 1 solar, and 3 solar-thermals. For those who are not familiar with these types of polishes, thermal nail polishes will change color according to temperature; solar nail polishes will change color when in contact of UV lights, eg. sunlight; and solar-thermals are the combinations of the two. That’s why we can see so many colors in the picture above.

First of all, Shanghai is a solar-thermal nail polish with silvery white flakes that looks like seashells. Without sunlight, it changes colors from a bright neon orange when cold, to a bright neon pink when warm. Under UV, the color changes from grape jello purple when cold, to a deep purple when warm. While I was swatching, the weather is still too hot for me to capture the cold state under UV, but you can see swatches from other swatchers in their Etsy shop! Opaque in 3 coats.

Shanghai|US$10.00|10 ml

Next, Tahiti is another solar-thermal. It comes with gold flakes that complement the changing shades so well! Without UV, it changes from a golden yellow when cold, to a creamy pale yellow when warm. Under UV, the color will become a deep orange when cold, to a reddish purple when warm. Again, the weather is too hot when I was swatching so I can’t capture the cold state under UV. You can see what it looks like in their Etsy shop. Opaque in 3 coats.

Tahiti|US$10.00|10 ml

Yokohama is a thermal nail polish with lilac iridescent flakes. It changes color from purple when cold, to clear when warm. My pictures show it in two coats, but it will look more vibrant in 3. Although the base is basically clear when warm, the flakes give it a hint of sparkle!

Yokohama|US$10.00|10 ml

Bendigo is a tri-thermal nail polish with vintage gold flakes. Unlike the thermal above, tri-thermal means that this one will change colors in two different threshold, giving out three different colors. In ice cold state, it is a dark olive green; in cold state, it changes into a pale green; while in warm state, the color changes again into a vintage gold. You can see clearly how the three colors look in the thumb shot. I especially love how the gold flakes compliment the base color. Opaque in three coats.

Bendigo|US$10.00|10 ml

Next we have Fargo, my favorite of the six. It is a solar nail polish. Under normal circumstances, it is a milky white with subtle purple shimmer. Under UV, it will become a beautiful bright purple! I love it in both states so much! I’ve put in a cute blushing ghost nail art I made this Halloween. Opaque in 3 coats.

Fargo|US$10.00|10 ml

Last but not least, Torrevieja is another solar-thermal. It has a subtle blue shimmer that added some extra ethereal vibe. Without UV, it changes from a bright orchid pink when cold, to a cold blush when warm. Under UV, the cold state is a grey-ish purple, while the warm state is a light blurple. This is my second favorite for sure! Opaque in 3 coats.

Torrevieja|US$10.00|10 ml

That’s it for the swatches! I hope you enjoy all of these unique polishes. Isn’t it mind-blowing that you can see at most 19 colors in just 6 nail polishes? Welcome to share with me which one caught your eye the most. You can also visit their Etsy shop for so many more incredible nail polishes! Thank you for reading. Until next time!

About Voyage by Polish Pak|Etsy Shop
PolishPak is a indie nail polish brand based in the US. It is created by the maker of Polish Pak, a brand of handmade nail polish travel bags. Voyage nail polishes are inspired by various travel destinations across the globe. The maker Sarah specialized in making thermals, solars, and textured nail polishes.
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