Fall 2021 Thermal Creams。Dam Nail Polish

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*Products shown are gifted by the brand in exchange for swatch pictures with no obligation to post.*

I haven’t posted a new swatch & review articles in English in a while, but today I have a very special collection to share with you. This is my first time swatching for this brand called “Dam Nail Polish”; it is also my first encounter with their polishes. I’ve heard good things and seen many of their beautiful polishes in PPU, so I’m very excited for the opportunity to swatch their new Fall Thermal Creams collection.

There are five cream thermal polishes in the collection; they all change colors at around 88°F/31°C. Due to the nature of thermal pigments, they dry down to a semi-matte/satin finish. My pictures will show them in three coats each topped with glossy top coat.

First up we have “Cold to Hot-ton Candy“, a grey-ish pigeon purple when cold, and a medium-tone pink when hot. It’s a very elegant color combination. The grey-out purple really makes this a fall color. Opaque in three coats.

Cold to Hot-ton Candy|$10.50

Next up is “Hint of Mint“, a forest green when cold, and a medium mint when warm. The shift in this one is more subtle than the other shades in this collection, so if you are not too sure about thermals, this may be a good choice to start from. Opaque in three coats.

Hint of Mint|$10.50

Fine Cherry Wine” has the most dramatic color change in the collection. It is a chocolate-y brown when cold, changing to a rich and bright red of maraschino cherry. This color gives me the most fall vibe! Opaque in three coats.

Fine Cherry Wine|$10.50

Next we have “Falliage“, a burnt orange when cold, and a bright, almost neon-y orange when warm. This is my absolute favorite of the collection! It resembles those beautiful maple leaves. But at the same time, I can see it being a perfect shade for summer. Wearing it is like wearing the sunset on your nails. Opaque in three coats.


Last but not least, meet “The Real Slime Shady“, a grassy green when cold, changing to a bright slime green when warm. This is another one that will be perfect for summer too. I really like how it transitions; those two colors compliment each other very well. Opaque in three coats.

The Real Slime Shady|$10.50

That’s it for the swatches! This collection will be available starting November 5th, 2021. They will be listed at $10.50 each, with a discounted price of $50 when you order the whole collection. Hope you enjoy my swatches! Which one do you like the most? Will be be checking them out on the site when it launch? Feel free to chat with me on insta. Thanks for reading! Until next time!

About Dam Nail Polish|Official Website
Dam Nail Polish is an indie nail polish brand based in Virginia, US. The brand started in 2014, and is specialized in color changing thermals and holographic nail polishes.
☑️ Vegan ☑️ Cruelty Free ☑️ 10-Free ☑️ Paddle Brush

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