ILNP Something Sweet Collection Swatch & Review

*Products shown are gifted with no strings attached. All opinions are my own.*

The first spring collection of the year comes from ILNP! They just launched the Something Sweet collection last Friday, which includes 6 very cute pastel speckled shade inspired by all things sweet. Let’s take a look at the swatches!

Milk Tea

First off we have Milk Tea, a pale orange cream with copper flakies. The base color reminds me of smoked cheese/cheddar cheese but lighter. This is a warmer color, which may crash with those who with darker Asian skintone, something. Opaque in three coats.

Milk Tea|US$10.00|12ml

Lemon Cake

Up next is Lemon Cake, a pastel yellow cream with pink flakies. It is lighter in color than the last one, but fairly flattering. Opaque in 3 coats.

Lemon Cake|US$10.00|12ml

Mint Chip

My favorite! I mean from this collection. Mint Chip is a mint green with black speckles, totally duplicated the color of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Looks so refreshing on the nails, perfect for spring and summer time. Opaque in 2 coats.

Mint Chip|US$10.00|12ml


Next up is a cute and delicate lavender shade with matching purple flakies. Super spring-y! I feel like this one and Sugar High, the last one from this collection, will both be perfect for work. Opaque in two coat.


Strawberry Shake

This one has to be the sweetest color of the collection! Strawberry Shake is a bright pastel pink with red flakies. Pair perfectly with the name, this looks exactly like strawberry shake, or strawberry gelato. I can almost taste the creamy texture of milk and the sweet and sour flavor of the strawberries. So fitting to wear now since its strawberry season. Opaque in two coats.

Strawberry Shake|US$10.00|12ml

Sugar Rush

Last but not least, we have Sugar High, a cute milky white base with pink, yellow, copper, green, and purple flakies. It’s a nice day-to-day color with a little twist. Being a white cream, the opacity is pretty great! Opaque in two coats.

Sugar Rush|US$10.00|12ml

If I remember correctly, a speckled polish like this is my gateway to the colorful world of indie nail polish. Years have gone by, I still love it all the same. I can see these colors working so well in many Easter nail arts! Here’s one simple spring checkered I made earlier with this collection. Hope you enjoy it!

Let me know what yo think about this collection! You can follow my blog for more swatch and review in the future. Or you can follow me on Instagram @jemima.nails for more nail art content. See you next time!

About ILNP|Official Website
ILNP is a boutique nail polish brand established in 2012 in Las Vegas, USA. They have a huge catalogue of more than hundreds of colors to choose from, each with nicely formulated formula and exquisite packaging. Comparing to the other boutique brand, their price point is relatively lower. These are all some of the reasons why their products have been very popular in the nail polish community.

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