Wildflower Lacquer Back to the 90’s Collection, 6th Indieversary LE, and March PPU Offering Swatch & Review

*Products shown are gifted in exchange for swatches. All opinions are my own.*

Hello everyone! This year marks the 6th year of Wildflower Lacquer, and of course Taylor made another gorgeous collection to celebrate. Coming in March, is “Back to the 90’s” collection along with a limited edition color celebrating their 6th indieversary. Back to the 90’s is an 8-piece collection inspired by all things 90s, the 6th indieversary LE is dedicated to an OG customer and longtime supporter of WFL An Sheets. More on the details later. I will also include swatches of March PPU offering at the end of this post.

The Polished Hippy

Let’s start with the LE! “The Polished Hippy” is a deep red linear holo inspired by An Sheets of The Polished Hippy, a swatcher and a blogger. An was Taylor’s only customer for months, and sometimes she would even offer to order early and swatch for her. In Taylor’s words: “I think if An hadn’t of supported me in the beginning, Wildflower wouldn’t be where it is today.” So to celebrate the 6th year, Taylor dedicated this polish to her. Keep in mind that there’s a possibility of staining with this color. Opaque in 2 coats.

The Polished Hippy|US$13.00|15ml

Retro Roller Skates

Coming up is Back to the 90’s Collection. First up we have Retro Roller Skate, inspired by Friday nights at the skating rink, a white base with pink to orange to yellow shifting shimmer. I wore it in 3 coats, the nail line is still visible, but the shift is mesmerizing!

Retro Roller Skates|US$13.00|15ml

Sky Dancer

Next up is Sky Dancer, inspired by the Sky Dancer toy, a teal base with pink to gold to green shifting shimmer. To me, it is basically opaqued in 3 coats; the nail line is barely visible. I don’t live in the US so I’m not familiar with the toy, but it is said that they were recalled due to being a little dangerous. If anyone’s interested, I found an old commercial of it!

Sky Dancer|US$13.00|15ml

Juice Bar

Juice Bar is the most opaque of all. Inspired by Juice Bar body spray, it is described as a dark pink base with copper to gold to green shifting shimmer and holo flakes. Opaque in 2 coats for me; one coat maybe sufficient for those with shorter nails. I’m absolutely obsessed with these kind of pink! It is very flattering for my skintone.

Juice Bar|US$13.00|15ml

Planetary Berry

Next we have another linear holo. Inspired by one of Taylor’s favorite lip smackers from the 90’s – Planetary Berry is a light purple base with aqua to purple shifting shimmer and linear holo. It’s so super sparkly, and the shimmer shifts beautifully! Opaque in 2 coats.

Planetary Berry|US$13.00|15ml

Lil’ Miss Singing Mermaid

The next one is also inspired by a toy. Lil’ Miss Singing Mermaid is inspired by the singing mermaid doll, and is described as a dark cornflower blue jelly with subtle purple to pink to gold shifting shimmer, and scattered iridescent glitters. Opaque in 3 coats for me. Although there are some glitters, this doesn’t dry very textured. I only use one coat of QDTC to smooth it out. This one screams the 90s for me, when the world is so full of vibrant colored plastics, glittery toys and stationeries. It is just amazingly colorful!

Lil’ Miss Singing Mermaid|US$13.00|15ml

Polly in my Pocket

Inspired by another famous toy from the 90s – Polly Pocket, Polly in my Pocket is a pastel violet base with pink to red to gold shifting shimmer. I did 3 coats, with the visible nail line peeks through slightly. I’m not typically a pastel kind of person, but I surprisingly like this one! It’s very soft and delicate!

Polly in my Pocket|US$13.00|15ml

Ceiling Full of Stars

Now comes the one I’m most excited about! Ceiling full of Stars is inspired by the glow stars we (or knew someone who did) stuck to our ceilings. It is a very light green base with gold to green to blue shifting shimmer and glow in the dark pigment. I wear it in 3 coats, again, the VNL is visible. This does dry slightly textured, but one coat of QDTC is enough to smooth it out, and it is super easy to remove. My glow in the dark pictures are taken after charging with a desk lamp. You can also charge it with a UV lamp for a maximum glow effect. I specifically save this one the swatch last, so I can wear it longer. For days I couldn’t help staring at my own nail before bed!

Ceiling Full of Stars|US$13.50|15ml

Dolphin Obsession

The last of Back to the 90’s collection is Dolphin Obsession, inspired by the dolphins craze of the 90’s. This is a taupey gray base with aqua to purple to pink shifting shimmer. This is a sibling of sorts to You Had Me at Hi-Drangea. Opaque in 3 coats. The contrasting shimmer makes it so unique!

Dolphin Obsession|US$13.00|15ml

Here you go, the new shades available in March! But wait, the party is not over yet, because Taylor will also be bring back a fan favorite “The Crowening”! I don’t have it to swatch, but you bet I will be getting one for sure. You can google the swatches, or click here to see some on Instagram.

Another last minute addition to the shop is a charity polish “Love for Ohio”. $5 dollar of each bottle sold will be donated to The Bright Side Project Ohio to fund the need of all effected by the terrible train derailment happened back in February. There is no official swatches of this one, but Taylor has some pictures up on the site, so make sure to check it out. All of the eleven shades, including “The Crowening” and “Love for Ohio”, will be available 3/6 noon CT to 3/10 11:59 pm CT. As always, there will be a discounted price of $100 if you order the entire Back to the 90’s collection.

Lastly, I want to include swatches of WFL’s offering for March Polish Pickup (PPU).

Pretty Puddle

The theme for March PPU is Rainy Days. Taylor was inspired by the oil slick water puddles after rain, and created this shifty beauty. Pretty Puddle is a dark purple base with cobalt blue to purple to magenta to orange to gold shifting multichrome pigment.

This is a Polish Pickup (PPU) exclusive, so it won’t be available along with the other shades above, but will be up for pre-order with no cap (limited amount available for purchase) 3/3 11:00 am EST – 3/6 11:59 pm EST on PPU website.

Pretty Puddle|$13.00|15ml|No cap

That’s it for the swatches today! Which one(s) do you plan on getting from the launch if any? My personal favs are probably Juice Bar and Sky Dancer, but all of them are super gorgeous! Welcome to share your wishlist with me down in the comment.

If you want to see more articles from me, feel free to subscribe to my blog. I also do nail art and swatches on Instagram @jemima.nails so you can also follow me on there. See you next time!

About Wildflower Lacquer|Official Website
Wildflower Lacquer is a small business based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Established in 2017, it is running by a two-person team, Taylor and her husband Kerry. Wildflower Lacquer is one of the most popular brand in the US indie nail polish community.

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