Wildflower Lacquer Celestial Collection and January ’23 Offerings Swatch & Review

*Products shown are gifted in exchange for swatches. All opinions are my own.*

Today’s post is about a favorite collection of mine from my recent swatches. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may already know that Wildflower Lacquer is one of my favorite indie brand. This month I’m beyond honored to be a guest swatcher for their January store offerings. You bet I’m going to write a blog about these beauties. In the upcoming launch, Taylor (the maker of Wildflower Lacquer) will be bring us a 7-piece collection “Celestial Collection” and 2 limited edition shades. Spoiler alert! They are all gorgeous!

For those who are not familiar with indie nail polish brands, Wildflower Lacquer is a small business base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US. Launched back in 2017, they are a two-person team, Taylor being the mastermind of creations, with her husband Kerry occasionally creates some polishes. They have some of the best shimmer polishes as well as other finishes, all with great quality!

Celestial Collection is a 7-piece, galaxy-inspired collection. The inspiration comes from a fellow swatcher Jamee’s @the_lacquered_unicorn husband; he took some stunning photographs of the stars. There will also be a Suicide Awareness charity polish inspired by Taylor’s grandpa, and a popular shade “Selene” coming back as 2.0 version.


First up is Supernova, a topper of a clear base with holographic flakes and scattered iridescent glitter. Shown here as one coat over black. It is so packed with holo flakes! One of the most sparkly holo topper I’ve seen!


Lagoon Nebula

Coming up next is Lagoon Nebula, a blackened base with coppery red to green shifting shimmer and silver holographic magnetic pigment. I ADORE this one! There’s so much depth in it. Looking at the close-ups, it actually looks like the galaxy! Shown here in 2 coats.

Lagoon Nebula|US$13.50|15ml

Cygnus Wall

This one is for all you blue polish lovers! Cygnus Wall is a bright cobalt blue base with gold to green shifting shimmer and scattered holographic flakes. I’m not usually particularly drawn to blue polishes, but this one absolutely win me over. Opaque in 2 coats.

Cygnus Wall|US$13.00|15ml

Cygnus Loop

Next up is one of the shiftiest of them all, Cygnus Loop is a blackened base with bright pink to orange shifting shimmer and scattered holo flakes. Opaque in 2 coats. It may look a little similar with Selene 2.0. I will be including a comparison collage down at the end.

Cygnus Loop|US$13.00|15ml

Elephant Trunk Nebula

Elephant Trunk Nebula is a deep red base with aqua to green to purple shifting shimmer. This may stain so wear a couple coats of good base coat. This one is such a special color! Those green contrasting shimmer really catches my eyes! Opaque in 2 coats.

Elephant Trunk Nebula|US$13.00|15ml

Milky Way

The only linear holo polish in this collection, Milky Way is a smokey gray base with pink to orange shimmer and linear holo. What could possibly be better than a holo with color shifting shimmer? Opaque in 2 coats.

Milky Way|US$13.00|15ml

North America Nebula

Last one in the Celestial Collection is the most ethereal of them all, North America Nebula is a lilac base with aqua to green to pink shifting shimmer. I did 2 coats here, and it covers up the VNL pretty well while retaining that light-weight feel, if you know what I mean.

North America Nebula|US$13.00|15ml

*Trigger Warning: Mental health issue, click HERE to skip to color description if you prefer not to read about it*

Always Remember You Are Stronger Than You Think

As Taylor have done in the past, this year we will also get a Suicide Awareness charity polish inspired by Taylor’s grandpa, who lost his battle with depression in 2005. Before he passed away, he had always been donating to help save the elephants, so this year the polish is inspired by elephants. $5 of each bottle sold will be split between The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (where Taylor’s grandpa used to live) and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). To whoever is reading this, if you are experiencing difficulties in life, please know that it is okay to seek help.

This is a deep mauve taupe base with pink to gold shimmer, a very elegant color. I like it a lot! The gold shimmer reminds me of a warm sunset. Opaque in 2 coats.

Always Remember You Are Stronger Than You Think|US$13.00|15ml

Selene 2.0

Last but not least, one of the crowd favorite polish is making a come back. Selene 2.0 is a deep navy base with pink to orange to gold shifting shimmer and scattered holographic flakes. Opaque in 2 coats. Since it’s a 2.0 version, it does vary a tad from the original. I don’t have the original to compare but you can find the comparison in Wildflower Lacquer Facebook Group. There are some similarities between Selene 2.0 and Cygnus Loop, so I included a comparison collage down below for your reference.

Selene 2.0|US$13.00|15ml

Here’s the comparison collage. Selene 2.0 on the left, Cygnus Loop on the right. Having a navy blue base, Selene 2.0 has a purple leaning shift, while Cygnus Loop appears more pink. Also, Cygnus Loop seems to have larger particle pigments, and denser holo flakies. They may be similar, but definitely not dupes.

That’s it for the swatches this time! Celestial Collection and the two LEs will be available for pre-order at 1/6 noon CT to 1/10 11:59pm CT. As always, there will be a discounted price of $87.50 if you purchase the full collection (excluding the LEs).

This collection has to be the most gorgeous I’ve seen recently, hope you all like it as much as I do. Feel free to leave a comment on what you think. If you enjoy my swatches, subscribe to the blog for more articles in the future. You can also follow me on Instagram @jemima.nails for more swatches and nail art contents. See you next time!

About Wildflower Lacquer|Official Website
Wildflower Lacquer is a small business based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Established in 2017, it is running by a two-person team, Taylor and her husband Kerry. Wildflower Lacquer is one of the most popular brand in the US indie nail polish community.

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