ILNP Winter Wonderland Full Collection Swatch and Review

*Products shown are gifted with no strings attached. All opinions are my own.*

I’m very excited to share this post with you, introducing a sort-of-new-to-me nail polish brand, ILNP. I will be sharing their winter collection, Winter Wonderland. It was actually launched a few weeks ago, but I haven’t found time to finish writing the article until now. This collection consist of 6 cool-tone nail polish in various formula, including metallic flakies, linear holographic, magnetic, and so on. Here’s a quick look at all of them.

For those who are not familiar with indie/boutique nail polish, ILNP is a boutique nail polish brand from Las Vegas. Launching back in 2012, ILNP is actually a well established nail polish brand, know for their exquisite packaging, great quality, and for having a variety of selections. Their brand name “ILNP” is an abbreviation of “I Love Nail Polish”.

What is “boutique nail polish brand” you may ask. Well, as far as I know, there is not a strict definition. But usually, a boutique nail polish brand is a brand started as an indie brand, that has grown to be larger than an indie, but still maintaining its uniqueness that sets it apart from mainstream brands. The product of these brands are usually factory-made instead of hand-mixed. Some other brands that are mostly considered to be a boutique brand includes Holo Taco, 786 Cosmetics, etc. These are just my thoughts based on what I’ve observed in the nail polish community, so if you know anything different, let me know. Now let’s get to the swatches!

Snow Angel

First up we have a beautiful snow white crelly, a semi sheer base mixed with some subtle iridescent, holographic, and silver flakies. Although I’ve never seen an actual snow, this one looks exactly like how I imagine a fresh snow in the morning will look like, fluffy, clean, and soft. 10/10 winter in a bottle. Such an elegant color. I wore it in three coats; nail line is still slightly visible due to the sheer base.

Snow Angle|US$10.00|12ml

Sugar Plum

Next up we have a magnetic nail polish, with a jelly base in dark plum color, and a strong silvery white magnetic shimmer. Once applied a magnetic to create a straight line, you will see some pink and silver foil like flakies too. When it is unmagnetized, or magnetized to create a velvet look like the 3rd and the 4th pics show, you can see some dark plum speckles. This one is quite a unique color! For me, I especially like how it looks with a velvet magnetic effect. I will share how I achieve the look later when I find the time. Opaqued in three coats.

Sugar Plum|US$12.50|12ml


My favorite from this collection! I haven’t worn a linear holographic nail polish in a while, and this one just reignited my love for them. It is a pastel rose color linear holo, which gives out a full on holographic effect. Normally, a holo nail polish looks the best under the sun or a strong direct light source, and tend to be a little boring in the shades. But this one has quite a strong holo effect, even with just a little bit direct light, such as under a daylight bulb, the rainbow will shine through. I think this is a perfect day-today color if you want something a little low profile but equally as special. Opaqued in 2 coats.



I have to admit that I’m more than a little hesitant about this color when I first saw it. The shiny silvery flakes combined with a cool-tone pink is one of the worst combination for a yellow skintone such as mine. So I already prepared to look 10 years older in this color. However, once I put it on, it looks surprisingly okay? It has a lavender base with an enormous amount of silver flakies as well as some magenta and holo ones. It does not emphasize the yellow tone in my skin as much as a though it would. Although it is still not a color I would normally gravitate toward, it is still a good color. Opaque in 2 coats.



Another one that I’m pretty skeptical on the first sight. I’ve always think that a cool-tone light blue is one of the worst color on me. With the amount of silver flakies in this one, I’m so not looking forward to put it on. However, I ended up liking this one A LOT! The base color is an icy blue, apart from all the silver flakes, it also contains some iridescent and some holo flakes. So shiny that you can use it as a mirror! (I’m not even kidding! I can see my reflection on my nails.) I’ve worn this for several days while swatching, and every time my sister saw it, she has to compliment it all over again. So it’s not just me, this one is a gem! Opaqued in 2 coats.


Zero Degrees

Now we come to the last one of the collection, another magnetic for you! This one has a midnight blue base, with icy blue and turquoise magnetic shimmer. After creating a magnetic line with a magnet, you can see some blue and silver flakes scattered around the base color, making you nails look like starry night sky. The 3rd and the 4th pics are done using the velvet method, and I enjoy how it looks every much too. It seems to me that this one is very pigmented, as it stained my nails and skin when I took it off. I would suggest using it with a couple coats of good base coat. If it does stain, covering your nails and skin with some cuticle softener for a few minutes will help. You can wipe the stain off with a cotton pad after. Opaqued in 2 coats.

Zero Degrees|US$12.50|12ml

That’s it for my swatch and review of the Winter Wonderland collection, I hope you like them. To sum up, it is indeed a very wintery collection, with a great variety of formulas. Although I was a bit worry about how some of the colors may look on Asian skintone, but they turned out to be a lot better than I imagined. Before I go, I wanted to mention that there has been some controversy with how ILNP handle their swatch diversity, or to be precise, the lack of it. As far as I know, they rarely send PR packages to POC swatchers/bloggers. In the rare case they did, they never feature their pictures and posts on socials. Over the years, there have been a fair share of criticism and demand for them to improve. Although I have no idea what took them so long to start making changes, in the last few month, I’ve seen them actively seeking local hand models in various skintone, and updating their PR list by adding in a lot of POC bloggers. They have also been sharing the works of those POC swatchers too. I’m not saying it is enough, after all, you really need to put in extra effort to make up for what you didn’t do in the past. But a work toward the right direction is something I’m happy to see them take on.

This is my first post about ILNP, and I hope to be sharing some more of their beauties in the future, as well as some more special colors from other brands. If nail polish swatch and review is something that interests you, you’re welcome to subscribe to my blog for more articles in the future. You can also follow me on Instagram @jemima.nails for nail arts as well as swatches. See you next time!

About ILNP|Official Website
ILNP is a boutique nail polish brand established in 2012 in Las Vegas, USA. They have a huge catalogue of more than hundreds of colors to choose from, each with nicely formulated formula and exquisite packaging. Comparing to the other boutique brand, their price point is relatively lower. These are all some of the reasons why their products have been very popular in the nail polish community.

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