OPI Nature Strong 2022 Fall/Winter Picks

It is already feeling like fall where I live, with the cooling breeze and rain on-and-off. Fall is not only my favorite season because of the cozy weather, but also because of all the beautiful nail polish colors. The first swatch of fall/winter collection of the year, I bring you some excellent choices from OPI. This September, OPI in Taiwan introduce 6 new shades from the Nature Strong line, inspired by metropolitan chic, including some elegant muted shades as well as some vibrant accent colors, which I’m sure there will be one for everyone!

純素指彩擴編囉!OPI Nature Strong 植萃光感系列 2022 秋冬新色全試色

颱風剛過,馬上就感受到秋意漸濃。天氣漸漸轉涼,變得好舒服啊!秋季不僅就天氣來說是我最愛的季節,就指甲油的系列來說也是我最期待的!今年首波秋冬系列試色就獻給 OPI Nature Strong 植萃光感系列的新成員了。這次 OPI 帶來了六支以都會時尚為靈感的秋冬色系,不僅有氣質的莫蘭迪色、也有亮麗的顏色能讓秋冬更顯活力,相信每個人都可以在其中找到自己的最愛。

OPI Nature Strong 2022 Summer Picks (with Top Coat Review)

A little late to the party but I have something exciting to share today. It is the OPI Nature Strong line! This new product line was launched last year (2021) with 30 new shades and a top coat. This summer, 6 nicely curated summer shades as well as the top coat are finally available in Taiwan!

Nail Art Made Easy! Mani Me Nail Wrap Review

Hi peeps! I’m sharing a new to me product today, the nail wraps from Mani Me. For the years of my nail painting life, I’ve always been doing my own nail arts. However, I know that some of you may not always have the time to do nail arts on your own. That is when nail wraps come in handy! They are basically stickers, with ready-made nail art designs printed on them, so you can easily stick them on to the nails for a quick touch-up. In this article, I will walk your through how to apply them, show you what they will look like on the nails, and share about what I think about them.

手殘黨救星!零技術也能擁有美美彩繪指甲——Mani Me 彩繪指甲貼評價

今天來分享一個不一樣的產品,是來自美國品牌 Mani Me 的彩繪指甲貼紙(nail wrap)。指甲彩繪貼紙顧名思義就是將已經設計好的彩繪圖案印製成貼紙,直接貼在指甲上就可以迅速獲得好看的美甲。這類的指甲貼紙在台灣比較少見,不過在美國算還蠻常見的。這篇文章就會帶大家看看指甲貼紙要如何使用,以及貼起來長什麼樣子。

2021 秋季溫變系列。Dam Nail Polish

今天的文章對我來說很特別,因為要介紹的是我第一次嘗試的新品牌——Dam Nail Polish。Dam 是來自美國的獨立指甲油品牌,我之前就曾經在選品活動裡面關注過他們的商品,所以這次很榮幸能夠為他們的新系列拍攝試色照片。這個系列裡面共有五支純色指甲油,全部都有溫變的效果,在接觸到冷熱不同的溫度下會展現出不同的顏色變化。

Fall 2021 Thermal Creams。Dam Nail Polish

This is my first time swatching for Dam Nail Polish; it is also my first encounter with their polishes. There are five cream thermal polishes in the collection; they all change colors at around 88°F/31°C. Due to the nature of thermal pigments, they dry down to a semi-matte/satin finish.

Spring Color Choices。UNT Nail Lacquer 2020 Launch

You can all tell by the title that this is a long overdue swatch. I’ve already shared the swatches of UNT’s summer 2021 collection months ago, but only had time recently to swatch the spring colors I picked out earlier this year. In this post, I will be sharing 5 shades from their 2020 launch that are perfect for spring time, or honestly any time of the year.

春季選色篇。UNT 玩美持色指甲油 2020 新品

看標題就知道這是一篇拖欠很久的試色文,之前都已經分享過 UNT 的 2021 夏季新色了,春季選色篇反而現在才有空拍照。這篇要分享的五支是我從他們去年出的 64 色中挑選出五個很適合春天的顏色組合成的。雖然說是為了春天而搭配的顏色,但這些粉嫩色系相信一年四季都會很實擦的!