ILNP NYE Collection Swatch & Review

So… I planned on sharing this article before NYE, but then got tied up cleaning the house and forgot all about it. Not to worry thought! In this post, I will be sharing the NYE collection from ILNP, who never retires any of their shade, so you will be able to get them anytime. This collection includes 6 beautiful jewel tone shades with iridescent flakies, perfect for parties and celebrations. Let’s take a look at the swatches!

派對必備閃亮指尖✨ILNP NYE 系列全試色

今天這篇文章是我超級期待的一篇,要介紹給大家一個美到不行的美國精品指甲油品牌(Boutique Nail Polish)ILNP,並且分享他們最新出的冬季系列 Winter Wonderland。其實這篇文章很早就寫好了,但英文版一直沒時間完成,所以拖到現在才發。這個系列共有六支,都是偏冷的冬季色調,質地部分包含閃亮亮的銀箔碎片、雷射、貓眼等,非常特別!先給大家綜覽一下六個顏色。

Spellbound Nails Greek Gods & Goddesses Collection Swatch & Review

I have so many blog posts piling up, so let’s try to get them out one by one. Today’s swatch is about a new-to-me brand called Spellbound Nails. I got a swatching opportunity last year for their latest collection “Greek Gods and Goddesses” and thought I should make a blog post for them. The Greek Gods and Goddesses collection is a huge, 25-piece collection inspired by, obviously, the gods of goddesses of greek mythology. I have five out of 25 to share with you. Here’s an overview of them.

Spellbound Nails Greek Gods & Goddesses 系列試色

最近部落格文堆積得有點多,趕快來把他們發出去。這篇要分享的是一個我第一次用的品牌——Spellbound Nails。去年底剛好接到試色的工作,就決定發個文記錄一下,也分享給大家認識。這次的系列是 1/1 熱騰騰剛上市的 Greek Gods and Goddesses Collection,總共有 25 支以希臘神祇為靈感的指甲油,裡面充滿有趣的顏色和質地。我負責其中的五支,先給大家聞香一下。

Wildflower Lacquer Celestial Collection and January ’23 Offerings Swatch & Review

Today’s post is about a favorite collection of mine from my recent swatches. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may already know that Wildflower Lacquer is one of my favorite indie brand. This month I’m beyond honored to be a guest swatcher for their January store offerings. You bet I’m going to write a blog about these beauties. In the upcoming launch, Taylor (the maker of Wildflower Lacquer) will be bring us a 7-piece collection “Celestial Collection” and 2 limited edition shades. Spoiler alert! They are all gorgeous!

讓指尖來一趟太空之旅吧~Wildflower Lacquer Celestial Collection 及一月份官網限定色試色

今天這篇文章是我私心最期待!有追蹤我的 Instagram 的人應該知道 Wildflower Lacquer 是我的愛牌之一,過去也開過好幾次團,帶大家一起買。這個月很榮幸收到試色邀請,當然要趕快來寫篇文分享。這次要分享的是 Wildflower Lacquer 2023 年一月份的新色們,包含一個七色的新系列 Celestial Collection,和兩支限定色,每支都美到不行。

ILNP Winter Wonderland Full Collection Swatch and Review

I’m very excited to share this post with you, introducing a sort-of-new-to-me nail polish brand, ILNP. I will be sharing their winter collection, Winter Wonderland. It was actually launched a few weeks ago, but I haven’t found time to finish writing the article until now. This collection consist of 6 cool-tone nail polish in various formula, including metallic flakies, linear holographic, magnetic, and so on. Here’s a quick look at all of them.

質感系精品指甲油 ILNP Winter Wonderland 2022 冬季系列全試色

今天這篇文章是我超級期待的一篇,要介紹給大家一個美到不行的美國精品指甲油品牌(Boutique Nail Polish)ILNP,並且分享他們最新出的冬季系列 Winter Wonderland。其實這篇文章很早就寫好了,但英文版一直沒時間完成,所以拖到現在才發。這個系列共有六支,都是偏冷的冬季色調,質地部分包含閃亮亮的銀箔碎片、雷射、貓眼等,非常特別!先給大家綜覽一下六個顏色。

夜色摩天輪五色組。JNF 水釉光感香水指彩《記憶中的遊樂園》系列試色 Pt.1

睽違已久,質感系本土品牌 JNF 終於出新色啦!JNF 上次出新系列竟然已經是去年 12 月的事了,不過雖然他們發新品的速度很慢,但每次一推出新系列都絕對不會讓人失望,可以看得出來品牌對於自己的產品非常認真看待,不夠好絕不出手。這次的新系列《記憶中的遊樂園》是以遊樂園和嘉年華為靈感,和上次一樣共有兩個各有特色但又互相輝映的五色組合——代表白天的「純淨幻想」、和代表夜晚的「夜色摩天輪」。這次非常感謝品牌大方提供兩個系列,讓我可以全部都試色給大家看。這篇就從開箱時大家最想先看的夜色摩天輪開始吧!

OPI Nature Strong 2022 Fall/Winter Picks

It is already feeling like fall where I live, with the cooling breeze and rain on-and-off. Fall is not only my favorite season because of the cozy weather, but also because of all the beautiful nail polish colors. The first swatch of fall/winter collection of the year, I bring you some excellent choices from OPI. This September, OPI in Taiwan introduce 6 new shades from the Nature Strong line, inspired by metropolitan chic, including some elegant muted shades as well as some vibrant accent colors, which I’m sure there will be one for everyone!