OPI Nature Strong 2022 Fall/Winter Picks

It is already feeling like fall where I live, with the cooling breeze and rain on-and-off. Fall is not only my favorite season because of the cozy weather, but also because of all the beautiful nail polish colors. The first swatch of fall/winter collection of the year, I bring you some excellent choices from OPI. This September, OPI in Taiwan introduce 6 new shades from the Nature Strong line, inspired by metropolitan chic, including some elegant muted shades as well as some vibrant accent colors, which I’m sure there will be one for everyone!

OPI Nature Strong 2022 Summer Picks (with Top Coat Review)

A little late to the party but I have something exciting to share today. It is the OPI Nature Strong line! This new product line was launched last year (2021) with 30 new shades and a top coat. This summer, 6 nicely curated summer shades as well as the top coat are finally available in Taiwan!

Sunny Side of Miami。ANNY 2022 Summer Collection

最近豔陽高照的天氣讓人好想往海邊跑!大家是不是也有一些規劃中或進行中的假期呢?ANNY 已經為大家準備好度假風滿滿的夏季新色——陽光島系列,讓指尖先嚐嚐海島假期的滋味。這個系列共有六支新色,其中兩支有細緻的亮粉、四支是純色。原本品牌公關提供了其中三支,但整個系列看起來真的太美,於是我決定自掏腰包把剩下的也買來試色給大家看。

My First ANNY Experience——ANNY Christmas Picks 2021

Ho ho ho! December is coming, which means Christmas is right around the corner! I got an exciting PR package early November, from ANNY, the largest nail polish brand from Germany. It just so happens that the colors are quite holiday appropriate, so I thought I will share with you before the holiday seasons officially begin.

Thermals & Solars。Voyage by Polish Pak

Guess how many nail polishes I’m showing you today? Hint: It’s not 10. In this post, I have 6 unique polishes from a new to me brand Voyage to share with you. Despite only having 6 polishes, the amount of colors in this post is going to blow your mind! Let’s see the magic, shall we?

Fall 2021 Thermal Creams。Dam Nail Polish

This is my first time swatching for Dam Nail Polish; it is also my first encounter with their polishes. There are five cream thermal polishes in the collection; they all change colors at around 88°F/31°C. Due to the nature of thermal pigments, they dry down to a semi-matte/satin finish.

Spring Color Choices。UNT Nail Lacquer 2020 Launch

You can all tell by the title that this is a long overdue swatch. I’ve already shared the swatches of UNT’s summer 2021 collection months ago, but only had time recently to swatch the spring colors I picked out earlier this year. In this post, I will be sharing 5 shades from their 2020 launch that are perfect for spring time, or honestly any time of the year.

Nude Gift Box。UNT Nail Lacquer

The ladies from UNT must be very busy lately, because they’ve been coming out with so many new items! One of them is the Gift Box trio with three different color combinations, including the purples, the pinks, and the nudes, which I’m going to share with your in today’s post. The Nude Gift Box contains three beautiful beige/peach shades along with a Prelude Base Coat. I will be sharing my thoughts on the base coat as well at the end of this post. Let’s get to the swatches!

Summer 2021。UNT Fantasy Peelable

Sorry for the long overdue swatches… Better late than never! I’m sharing with you the latest summer collection of UNT Fatasy Peelable line. Unlike the desert-y vibes from their nail lacquer line, this collection contains six cream water-based nail polishes that resembles fruity sweets in my opinion, perfect spring/summer shades! Let’s get to the swatches!

DRK Nails June 2021 Collabs

This is a very special post to me, because my first time swatching for monthly collabs! Thank you Katia from DRK Nails for giving me the opportunity. In this post, I will share my swatches of four of their contributions for June’s monthly collaborations, including Polish Pick Up (PPU), The Charity Box, and Hella Handmade Creation (HHC).